Commission Request

In order to speed up communication and help me organize projects in advance, please use the following form in order to start negociating a commission. The form includes a series of questions that will help me understand your project better. I'll try to reply back as many request as possible, but commission discussion and confirmation will not be prioritized by request order. I reserve the rights to reject commission requests for any reason.

Request Commission Form

Main Services

  • High poly, shaded and lighted models and renders of VTubers, illustrations, games, pixel art and original characters.
  • Figurine and toy designs with render previews for manufacturing.
  • Visual development for animation and games.
  • Fully finished character renders of company mascots for PR and promotional material.

Please go to Commission details for more info.


See my portfolio for a visual reference of the themes and style I’m comfortable working with.

Won’t do:

  • NSFW, explicit content, gore.
  • Photorealism, including realistic portraits or characters, environments and props for VFX.
  • Highly detailed VFX creatures.
  • Architectural visualization.
  • Highly complex weapons, machinery or hard surface models (rifles, vehicles)
  • Scientific and research images (medical diagrams, catalogs, math visualization)


Given the variety of artwork complexity and use cases that I cover, the cost will only be discussed after the commision scope and details are fully specified.

I can make high resolution models of VTubers, including renders and turntable animations. They can be used for creating promotional material and merch. Keep in mind that these models don't include a rig and they won't work in any real time rendering software, so they can't be used directly as the vtuber avatar.

I can follow general guidelines when creating the model so it fits a particular manufacturing process (like avoiding loose parts and thin surfaces). I won't design 3D printing assemblies, prepare nor test the model for a particular 3D printing technology. Preparing the model for 3D printing is a separate service that can be easily hired from a different person.

I can make artworks that follow a wide range of technical specifications in order to fit a particular production. These specifications have to be well documented and defined as part of the commission. After having this information, I can evaluate if the project is feasible for me. I won't accept commissions defined only as "game ready" or "production ready".

It depends on the game's technical specification. See previous question.


It can include rendered images, videos with simple camera movements, turntables, .blend files of the scene or the scene exported in any other format.

No, my personal projects and project files are not for sale.

Streaming (or sharing content in any of my social media accounts) can be negociated as part of the commission.